Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christian Mythology: 20. Dominion – Myth: Mankind no longer has dominion over the earth

When all those animals were on the ark, why wasn’t there a huge carnivorous brawl? Did God put all those predators to sleep? Was the food chain somehow put on hold for all those months? Did Noah and his family live in constant fear of being eaten? Were they worried that some of the animals wouldn’t make it out alive and they’d get in big trouble for letting some species become extinct? Did God set them up for some impossible expedition?

No. Noah accomplished all he did with the animals because he had dominion. He simply obeyed God’s command from Genesis 1:26 to exercise dominion over the animal kingdom.

So what happened between the flood and now? If we tried the ark thing we would definitely be eaten alive. Wouldn’t we?

I watched an amazing video recently. A woman found a young lion injured and dying. She nursed it back to health. When the beast became too large to keep around the house, she gave it to a zoo. Years later, she came to visit. She walked right up to the bars to say hello. Frightened onlookers watched as the full-grown male lion leapt to the bars, thrust his paws through, fully embraced the woman, pulling her firmly against the bars in a vice grip, and began to gently muzzle her, kiss her, and lick her. He remembered her. She remembered him. It was nothing more than a happy reunion.

A friend told me about an amazing journey he took to the Caribbean a few years ago. He and his wife wanted to take an off-the-beaten-path scuba diving adventure. A local islander told them where to go and who to ask for. They found a certain old man at his grass hut. He agreed to take the couple out. But they had to agree to never go where he would take them alone nor tell anyone where they had been. They agreed to the strange request.

When they arrived at the beautiful blue open ocean spot, my friend put on his mask. He peered over the side of the shallow boat just far enough so the mask glass was below water. He saw nothing. He was suspicious because of the open ocean location. It was deep water. He expected a coral lagoon. He was worried that this guy had some sinister motive for taking him and his wife all the way out to this remote location.

Then the old man motioned for them to watch. He spoke not a word. He slowly dipped his hand into the glassy blue water. Instantly, as if materializing from nothing, thousands of tropical fish appeared. The water became a snorkeler’s paradise, a dream come true. The old man got into the water first while the couple sat in the boat dumbfounded. He motioned for them to get in and follow.

“Would you like to feed the giant rays?” he asked. They just nodded, still mesmerized by the rainbow of small tropical fish around them. Suddenly the sun seemed to disappear above them as the giant rays glided in over them. The little fish made way as in royal deference. The threesome came up for air.

The the old man asked, “Would you like to feed the sharks too?” Although the trust was gaining, the couple were a little freaked out by this. They swam a little closer to the boat and waited. The rays glided away and the sharks lazily swam into view. They came right to the old man. He reached out and gently patted each one on the head. They completely encircled him. There was no escape if they decided to chomp on him instead of the chum he offered them.

On the ride back to the island, the old man told his story. He told the same story to those few fortunate vacationers who find him. He told it to the Discovery Channel. Now the world knows about this old man of the sea who has dominion over all the creatures of the deep.

Like Steve Irwin and the other folks we love to watch on TV, the people in these stories have learned how to reawaken the gift of dominion given to us by God. There is no reason except fear which keeps any of us from doing the same. If you watch “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” series currently running, you’ll see that the former VP contender and her native Alaskan family also use this wonderful gift. It’s a real treat to watch.

I enjoy it even more when I’m outdoors. If you prefer to wait, there will come a day when God will change things around a bit in the animal kingdom. During the Millenial Reign, Isaiah prophesied that the food chain will be turned upside down, perhaps horizontal. Lions will eat straw like the ox. The cow and the bear shall feed together. The wolf shall dwell with the lamb. Now here’s the best part for us. “…(A) little child shall lead them.”

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