Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christian Mythology: 11. The Daily Christian Life – Myth: Christians can do whatever they want to

Long ago when I was still super-charged about going to church, my schedule looked something like this:

Sunday morning, Sunday night, Tuesday night Bible study, Wednesday night prayer meeting, Friday night AWANA

Man I was busy. I was also fast asleep. Going to church did not save me from sin. Neither did it keep me from sinning. Going to churchy activities and events did not put me to sin-sleep. I don't blame the organizational church for that. Sin is my own fault. I have an old-man sin nature.

I still go to church. It's more like showing up for me though. All the organizational activities and events remain much the same. It's me that has changed. As long as I am awake, I am the Church Body of Christ. I am the Bride of Jesus. As such, there are a bunch of things that I do continuously. That schedule looks something like this (continuously):

pray, be one with God, witness, make disciples, use my spiritual gifts, keep the commandments, love God with all my soul, strength, and mind

This is a picture of the Bride/Church faithfully watching and waiting for the return of Jesus our Bridegroom. We have no business being about any other business. I remember a quote from long ago, "Love God and do as you please." Think about that. We know that if we follow Jesus, we will please God. Are we being the Church right now, forsaking all, taking up our cross, and following Him?

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