Sunday, December 18, 2011

Book Review - The Grace Effect: How the Power of One Life Can Reverse the Corruption of Unbelief

Larry Alex Taunton wrote a true story of his experiences endured while adopting Sasha, a young girl from the Ukraine. It is a story of the battle between Christians and atheists. It is a story of the power of grace and unbelief. It is a story of the power of God in the face of what seems humanly impossible - a human system designed to eliminate God (any god), the common decency of humanity, and hope of any sort through the utter corruption of the system, the mind, and the pursuit of no god.

Mr. Taunton's explanations of that system and his experiences within it are exhausting. I should know because I endured it as well before the wall came down. His descriptions are accurate. I was a young Christian then and swore at the end I would never go back. Mr. Taunton never says that, but he leaves the reader feeling that way. Such a feeling is counter to the point of the book however. What if Sasha never got out? Would she still have hope? Could God still save her?

I heard of two men who met on the street in former Czechoslovakia. One was an American, the other a Czech. Through conversation they learned they were both Christians. The Czech was shocked and disbelieving. He said to the American, "How can you be a Christian? You have everything."

In the former Eastern countries behind the Iron Curtain they indeed had very little. According to Mr. Taunton, not much has changed. But can the grace of God still penetrate the Iron Curtain now turned paper? Absolutely. This same American man is a good friend of mine. He knows countless Christians from behind the former wall. He knows their stories. All are filled with grace despite the hopelessness of the situations.

I highly recommend reading this book. The story is real. But not like our God is real. Do you want to adopt from the Ukraine? Read this book so you know what you will face. The grace of God is the unknown part that you will also face. It will take you through for His glory. Don't hesitate.

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