Friday, July 9, 2010

Unholy Worship

Early this morning I had a terrible dream. I saw three horrible, monstrous men shackled. One by one they emerged from a door and walked past me. The third one walked closer to me than the others, leaned over, and gave a menacing look. I did not move – just stared him down. Before and to each side were armed guards. Before that, I was in a washtub and the water backed up because the drain clogged with beans. The water rose over the tub and covered the floor. I shrieked in uncharacteristic terror. Later in a shower room no one could figure out how to turn on the water. A beautiful clothed woman strode by the naked men. The last thing I saw was her face, in particular her eyes.

I asked God what this dream meant as it was so real, so vivid, and unlike any I had ever had before. He told me that the three men were the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet, released and soon coming to earth. The last one who looked at me as a particular enemy – the false prophet against God’s prophet. I knew I had power and victory in Jesus over this one.

The overflowing washtub was sin finally overflowing this world. It was sickening. No more drain. God awoke and took notice.

The shower room was the kingdom of unbelievers, not clothed with righteous wedding garments, but naked and expecting to be cleansed. But no water will come – only the whore to lead them with her eyelids to destruction.

I wonder how it will be that millions will worship the beast and his image in the last days. At least in this country, bowing the knees or prostrating oneself in worship is nearly non-existent. There will come a day – alas too late for most – when every knee will bow and every tongue confess to the glory of God that Jesus is Lord. But few will do that today.

We say we worship in our hearts, bow in our hearts, worship in song, prayer, and tithing. But none of this is worship according to the law of God. The Bride must ready herself on bended knee or prostrate waiting for the Bridegroom. It may be that some of us will have to force ourselves to appropriate this position before we realize its magnitude of humbleness before our God.

Do we, the Church, really know and practice lawful worship? God describes it in only one way and after Deuteronomy He gives no further information until one spot in Philippians and the rest in Revelation. Everything in between is simply exemplary. How long will you wait O Bride of Christ to worship our LORD Jesus in spirit, in truth, in the beauty of holiness, and either on your knees or prostrate? There are no other options. All other efforts are stiffnecked, not humble, and dangerously misworded and misapplied.

I am convinced that Jesus is coming soon and He will look for His Bride, those who have adorned themselves in the fine white linen robes of Jesus' righteousness, ready with lamps full of oil, pure, blameless, and without spot. Don't wait any longer. Get right with God. He will renew a right spirit in you. He will wash you. He will purge you. Yes, pray that Psalm 51 to our Father now. Pray it every time you sin. Every sin, no matter how "small" makes you guilty of all the law. All ten commandments - every time. So great a miss of the mark that only Jesus can forgive. Only His blood can wash clean. Only the gift of His repentance can purge. Only His love for you as His child can keep you in His hand forever.

The unholy trinity has been loosed and they are on the way. Only those who do not receive the mark, nor worship the beast or his image, will God save from the wrath to come.