Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Writer's Platform

This week I learned a new "trick" to blogging. As I work to establish a platform, I started with this blog. But I realized that simply writing my own blog and working real hard to bring readers to it was really just that, hard work. Don't get me wrong, I love the writing part of it. But attracting an audience with a new blog just seemed not quite the most efficient method.

Then the thought occurred to me that I can write BUT use somebody else's blog to get the attention I need to build a platform. It doesn't have to be my blog at all. I can simply post comments to someone else's blog. The trick is that simple. AND...

Make sure the blogs you post to are in your genre of writing. That way you are writing to the market you want to have notice you. Make sure to post to blogs that are large and widely read. There's lots of little ones out there not worth the time. Post to blogs hosted by editors. Get right to the buyers and sellers. A captive audience of millions of readers and that one important editor. WOW! What a revelation.

At the end of the post, a simple URL will start to bring traffic your way. Many blogs even feature a Google autofill to make this even easier.

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