Friday, May 16, 2008

What Are You Reading?

What are you reading in the business/management book world? What book(s) have helped? Why? Conversely, what books did not help and why? What book(s) do you recommend?

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If you haven't already skipped to the bottom of this message to click through to my website for this valuable free information, may be it's because you are a little skeptical. That's a fair assessment for the claims I'm making so far without giving you much to grab onto. So read on about this real example to convince you to scroll on down and click.

At least one employee in every workplace has one. The little cartoon of people laughing hysterically at the comment, “You want it when?!!!” Whether manager or hourly worker, it makes no matter. The implication is the same. You are not going to get what you want right away. After all, who do you think you are? Can’t you see I’m busy?

A former boss of mine exhibited what I believe to be the best example of an open-door policy. Whether you came to him, or he perceived the need on his own, he took immediate action on the request. He didn’t delegate. He didn’t shift you to his secretary to make an appointment. He took charge. He took care of the problem. Because he knew that a problem left unattended was a problem that would fester and grow bigger with time.

There are two general work situations that demand the principle of now. If you are a manager, then you are a servant to your people who work directly for you. Like my old boss, your job is to drop everything to help your people get things done. Now. If you are an hourly employee, then your job is to act now upon the words of your boss. Get the job done. No assumptions about the calendar or the budget or the method.

I try to reinforce this principle with my children during teachable moments. The other day my eight and five year old sons and I were building a sand castle. The older was yelling at the younger to get out of his way. They were both trying to dig the moat, which at that point was not big enough for the two of them. I stopped the argument and asked a few questions.

“Son, what do you want?”

“I want him out of the way,” replied the elder.

“Don’t you really want to build a sand castle?”

“Yes, but he’s in the way.”

“Then follow my example and try to create a solution instead of a problem. You want him out of the way immediately and obviously he is not moving. He is trying, just like you, to do a good job. How about if you ask him to come over here by me and start working on the castle walls while you continue to dig the moat?”

The idea worked. It had to be reinforced a few times. But they’re just kids. As adults, the same reinforcement is needed. We learn exactly the same way. What we did not learn properly when we were children we must now learn as children.

“Why did this solution work?” I asked.

“Because now we both get to do something to make the castle,” he replied.

“What I mean is, what is the principle that makes it work?”

“I don’t know.”

Another series of questions and answers revealed the following:

My sons did as they were asked. They did it immediately. Why? Not because the external goals could be accomplished (being out of each others’ way and building the castle). Because the internal principles of leadership and understanding were applied. Would my children obey if the command was foolish or not according to their desires? No. So as their father/leader, they trust me personally. They trust me, my judgment, and my words. They trust that I know what the goals are and how to achieve them to everybody’s satisfaction.

That was a fun example of a very real and serious principle that you can adopt at work right now. You can order my book and learn about this principle and dozens of others that will bring you and your company to profitability beyond your imagination. But before I give you that URL, there's one more very serious story you should read.

Do you remember the big Cadillac recall back in the mid 90’s? GM said that there were thousands of the Northstar-powered luxury vehicles on the road that were motorized bombs. A potential fuel leak was the culprit. Dozens of people died in random explosions on the highways. You remember the news, don’t you?

Of course not. It never happened. Do you know why? Because I stopped it. Yes, there were a few isolated cases of fuel line leaks. There were audits, inquiries, containments, and meetings. Root causes were determined and corrective, preventive, and mistake-proof actions were appropriately applied. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into fixing a process that everybody had once considered infallible.

Like your company perhaps, my company was world-class in the products it made. There was depth of experience, the best equipment, and the best engineers to always improve it. But through attrition and time, the experience base was slowly disappearing. The art and science of the process was not passed on adequately. It was not written down anywhere and everybody had their own version of how things worked. With that, unknown and unexpected variations crept into the process.

No one would have said that the process was out of control. In fact, everybody from the machine operators up to the CEO would say that they were the best in the world and they couldn’t possibly be susceptible to the kinds of problems that GM was reporting. Everything was good enough and no one from the outside could tell them any different. After all, who knew the business better than the experts?

The answer? No one. But GM did know a little something about business processes that we did not. Our business process was out of control and it was the real root cause of the problem. A real tragedy almost happened in the mid 90’s but it was averted because management woke up and fixed the problem.

Are you ready to solve some real problems in your life at work? Are you willing to implement the things that really work because you are just sick and tired of all those other books and fads that failed you? Are you ready to wake up (and how about waking up a bunch of those around you) and fix the problem like I did?

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Thank you and I look forward to your feedback.

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