Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Call

By the time I was finished college I studied German for eleven years. It all started in the sixth grade. I was motivated by family history. During those college years, three significant things happened. First, God saved me. Second, I felt called to be a missionary to Germany. Third, I went to Germany for a six-week study tour. Another thing happened during college that was much more subtle. I became a writer.

Fast forward twenty years and I am still in the USA. God woke me up to a very specific purpose and calling. I just wasn't sure what it was. It began as a recollection of that desire long ago to be a missionary to Germany. Nobody but me bought into it though. Not my family, pastors, or friends. Was I somehow not hearing the call correctly?

It turns out God used that memory to stir up a few realities. First of all, my call was never to be a first-person missionary to Germany. He made that plain to me during that six-week visit. Nevertheless, my love for all things and people German did not diminish. I was missing a connection somewhere.

I have been writing very consistently for about three years now. God is using it in ways I do not know always know. But its purpose is clear as stated in the header of this blog. The writing and the working of God through it comes only when I am obedient to that calling and commandment to be pure, holy, and blameless before Him. It is then that He tells me what to write.

Yesterday as I drove to work, I prayed and worshipped. Then I asked God what He wanted me to do that day. You saw the answer at the top of the blog. Translate it into German. Suddenly twenty-five years of history became crystal clear. The call was complete. I am a writer by calling, chosen to write to the remnant. Part of that remnant are the Germans. I have friends in Germany and Italy who are missionaries to those people I love. With this blog, Facebook, and other connections, I can now minister directly to the Germans by translating my blog into their language.

Today will be the first attempt. Enjoy the blessings from heavenly places (Ephesians 1:3).

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W McCallum said...

God bless you in this work. Your writings are a blessing. W McCallum