Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Upcoming Events

A gem dropped into my lap two weeks ago while on vacation at the shore. As I read one of my Yahoo! Christian writer's group messages, one person wrote about a new writing gig she started with The Examiner. Intrigued, I checked out the website. Now I have a gig with them too as the Philadelphia Christian Living Examiner. I posted my first article last weekend. Upon acceptance by my editor, the site will open to the public. Then I may post freely and frequently. The posts will be a little different than what I blog here, but the underlying theme will remain pretty much the same. I look forward to seeing you there and reading your comments.

Since writing the manuscripts Christian Mythology, The Remnant, and My Little Children, I have struggled a LOT with how to share all of it with my family. More than anything I want them (and others) to join me in Christian fellowship as we worship our Lord Jesus. But as I have known all my life, and my wife reminded me the other night, I am a much better writer than a speaker. I struggle at the dinner table and family gatherings for the right words. It comes out all wrong and I get very discouraged. There have been so many starts and stops. I see God doing so many wonderful things as He molds and shapes my children. I want to know all about those things and at the same time I want to share all the joys of what God is doing with me. But the spoken word fails.

So God put into my mind this morning the culmination of thoughts and experiences from the past (weeks I guess?) on how to resolve this. I will write a Bible Study that is for the family. It will bring together the three manuscripts in a way that we can all share in the great work of God as He forms His Church, nutures, grows, and sends her out to do His will. Needless to say I rejoiced and worshipped the rest of the way into work. I'll keep you posted from time to time how the work is going. Thank you for your prayers.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your transparency concerning the "spoken" word to your children - I can relate.
I look forward to seeing your curriculum soon!