Thursday, June 25, 2009

Book Review - Believing God - Chapter 10: He Has Overcome the World - John 16:33

This may well be my last review post of this book. The first paragraph of this chapter brought tears of grief upon first reading. I hope that what I read and will share with you below is some kind of misunderstanding, some poor wording, perhaps semantics. I will contact the author directly for an explanation. Rather than withhold this review until then, I will post it for the book itself is already out there for all to see, purchase, and read. The damage is done. But for this, Dr. R. C. Sproul, Jr. should provide some amplification. I cannot believe that this is reformed theology:

"There are at least two important reasons why we have such a difficult time believing the promises of God. The first and most glaring is our sin. Since the fall of Adam, we have found ourselves in a position where sin comes naturally to us, where our default position is to not believe God. It all began when Adam and Eve failed to believe God. Like them, we, their children, believe our father, the Father of Lies. We are skeptical of what God says and prefer to be as God, constructing reality out of our internal fantasies. We are, in short, fools."

As I took exception many times before in this review, though Dr. Sproul calls us Christians "sinners", the Bible does not. Now he writes that we are children of the devil. Finally, he calls us fools. I will venture no further into this as the statements are clear. I take strong objection to each. Christians are not sinners, not children of the devil, and not fools. Not only are these my beliefs, they are convictions. They are Biblically sound. I trust that Dr. Sproul will respond to clarify or confirm his contrary positions.

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