Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Disturbing Trend?

I noticed over the weekend as I was searching the Submission Guidelines of a LOT of Christian magazines (both on-line and paper) what seems to be a trend. To me it is a disturbing trend. Perhaps you have noticed it. Perhaps you are asleep and have not. Wake up to this one my friends!

Over and over, the content desired by these mags was expressed like this: We desire positive, upbeat articles on the grace of God. No judgment.

No judgment.

To me that just smacks of three things:
  1. No truth
  2. Just chop out a major chunk of Scripture
  3. Deny pending reality

Perhaps only the positive sells, but only the Truth will keep you from hell.

This trend brings me nearly to tears. Much as my writing is a business, it must first be the truth, all the truth, and nothing but the truth. Yes, so help me God. God forbid that I should write anything otherwise and if I do, please, please, please, tell me so. This blog is for the edification of the saints. I write as one gifted as a prophet and therefore I am zealous for the Truth and the accurate use thereof. I am fallible and therefore a learner. Thank you for your patience and for speaking the truth in love.

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